The best part about Mac’s new operating system? It’s not that it’s free. It’s that it’s incredibly similar in look and feel and functionality to their previous OS’s.

Upgrading from Snow Leopard (~2011), I expected a little bit of a learning curve. But the only thing that I’ve found that’s different is the scrolling direction — and I changed that back in about 30 seconds.

Now, Windows 8 and Office 2013, on the other hand… well, I’m still trying to figure out how the powers-that-be at Microsoft sleep at night.

So, thank you, Apple, for doing OS upgrades right. :)

I’m glad you are using a Mac. I like it better than Windows.

( New boss for an open-source project I’m working on. Can we get rid of the stereotype that Macs are just for artsy people nowww? )

Windows 1.0 wasn’t a graphic user interface, it just looked like a “memory full” error message…. and that’s basically what it was.


Guy in my CS class

We learned about the first operating systems today, and Windows really is pretty pitiful. They were the third (major) computer to offer a GUI [graphic user interface], yet even with the incredibly visual and artistic (by comparison) GUIs of Apple and Xerox, which had icons and moveable windows and which came before Windows, the best Windows could come up with was little more than a command line.

And then, of course came Microsoft Bob and Clippie.


So. I’m a Computer Science major. You would think I would be able to install a program on a PC. Especially since my boyfriend works for Microsoft. You would think this wouldn’t be a great challenge to me.

Yea, see… I know Linux, and I know Mac (Macs are built on Linux). And I kinda know Windows XP, since I’m forced to use it at work.

Meaning that today, when I was supposed to install a program on a student’s computer at work, I ended up staring blankly at the Windows 7 interface. And then when I finally did install it, I installed it wrong and had to redo it. The best part was that while staring blankly at the interface, the student started making small talk and asked what my major was. He must’ve been so impressed thinking about my future job potential.

So I’d like to briefly redeem myself to the internet: I study algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, people! Not operating systems… :)